Our retail focused and experienced team will manage each and every aspect of a shopping centre as if it were its own. While all income properties share management commonalities such as property maintenance and rent collection, the unique elements of a shopping centre demand a multi-faceted and yet very focused approach to the day-to-day management of the asset. 

Here is a detailed look at how Clearstream Commercial Real Estate can ensure the best revenue and smoothest operation of your asset:


Tenant Selection

A shopping centre's overall success will depend on the strength of the individual retailer as well as the overall merchandising mix of the property.


Careful and detailed qualification of a proposed shopping centre tenant at the front-end selection process is critical to the overall success and competitiveness of any retail property. Our team will examine the proposed tenant's use to ensure that the use is a good fit, and adds to the character of the centre.

Tenant Relationships

Retailers have unique needs. The wide variety of uses and concepts found in shopping centres demands a nurtured and direct relationship between the tenant and property management.


At Clearstream we promote open and regular communication between the tenants and property management. Tenant manuals and newsletters will be complimented with regular site visits to provide a proactive style of management. We understand the importance of strong tenant relationship and the direct benefits that come out of these relationships


  Ultimately, it is the type of shopping centre that will dictate the level of marketing that is  needed.

 An enclosed mall with a merchant's association or promotion fund requires a well planned, and carefully executed marketing plan and promotion calendar, while a neighbourhood or anchored strip centre may benefit from local  advertising or hosting a community event. Large format or speciality centres require strong positioning campaigns that  create destination awareness.



Market Intelligence


Retail is anything but status quo.


Through Clearstream's extensive network in the shopping centre industry we have the tools we need to stay current on the ever changing markets that we do business in. In retail management and leasing being ahead of the curve is vital to success.  Competition analysis, demographic trends, new developments, redevelopments, local economy impacts, and changing shopping patterns are just some of the intelligence that have a direct impact on a retail property.  Having this information enables our clients to be proactive in maximizing the ability for the shopping centre to compete in its marketplace.


Clearstream manages its client's property assets with the vision and hands-on expertise to maximize the property's full income potential of that asset for both the present and the future. Our clients expect and deserve focused, experienced and transparent professional management of their property and our mandate is to deliver on those expectations.



Our flexibility on the range of property management services provided means we can create a property management contract that is perfect for an investor's individual needs. Our range of services include;


  • Creation and implementation of income, expense, and capital budgets;

  • Billing and collection of rent;

  • Year end reconciliation of operating costs and realty tax tenant adjustments;

  • Monthly reporting of financial and operational activities;

  • Lease administration;

  • Leasing including tenant sourcing, qualification, and negotiations;

  • Lease renewals;

  • Co-ordination and contract management of day to day maintenance, landscaping, snow removal and janitorial services;

  • Capital expenditure planning and cost analysis

  • Preventative maintenance planning;

  • Tenant relations;

  • Development of property specific tenant manuals;

  • Emergency response;

  • Value creation;

  • Coordination of tenant construction;

  • Maintain positive relations with local officials;

  • Coordination of insurance placement and reporting;

  • Coordination of realty tax consultant services to ensure fair taxation for owner and tenants;

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